LaCalisto Makeup Artist Academy
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Additional Dates and Classes
Makeup, Acting, Modeling and Photography
Ethnic Makeup
Specialized Makeup Techniques for Women of Color
African American, Asian, Hispanic, dealing with hard to match skin tones
4 Hour Workshop ; Personal Makeup and Brushes Required
Cost $50.00
Makeup and Supplies for Classes and Workshops
LaCalisto provides an intensive curriculum that teaches fundamentals and techniques of makeup artistry.
The time you spend in class will be accompanied with your own research and out of class work.
This course is designed for everyone from the aspiring artist
or those wanting to brush up on their current makeup skills.
■Skin Care, Hygiene, Techniques & Makeup Tools
■Color Theory
■Basic Makeup Application
■Corrective Makeup Techniques
■Bridal  Makeup Application
■Business Branding/Marketing & Portfolio
■High Def Makeup, Products & Techniques
■Makeup for Daytime & Evening TV
Makeup kits can be retailed to students through LaCalisto Academy at a great discount,
Only top brand cosmetics and tools within the kits.
We have school discounts with many major suppliers such as Frends Beauty
The prices for each kit can range from $200 - $900 (includes complete brush set).
All of our makeup kits will provide you with everything you need to begin your career!
Each student must have a kit on the first day of class,
You can opt to  pay a $25 usage fee to work from mine
Makeup Artist Basics
Intense 2 Day 14 Hour Workshop
Day 1 Theory of Color and Basic Corrective Makeup
Day 1 is mostly classroom and observation work.

Day 2 Basic Wedding and Photography Makeup
Day 2 is a Hands On workshop that would require you to have a model to work on

This class is normally held on a Saturday - Sunday
14 Hour Workshop; Personal Makeup and Brushes Required
Cost $300.00
Makeup Tips and Tricks for the Extra-Ordinary Woman
This class is for the above average woman
Learn how best to apply your own makeup, make the most of your already beautiful looks.
5 Minute Makeup
Glam Makeup
Instant Eye Lift
Bags are for shopping not under the eyes
Smokey Eye
2 Hour Workshop; Bring your own Makeup and Brushes or I will help you find your best colors
Cost $25.00
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